About us


Strength Mentality is an apparel brand with a vision that is aimed more than just being a brand with our mission statement which is to inspire individuals to follow the path of Strength Mentality Philosophy, this philosophy is aimed at unlocking full potential, having a better strength of will and live more fulfilling lives while maximizing mental and physical health. 


Strength Mentality PhilosophyEveryone is born to be able overcome adversity. Adversity is what is keeping you from taking that next step forward. The reason we talk about adversity so much is to teach each other how we overcame it, to motivate and inspire each other that despite challenges we face, our will to succeed will prevail. When the mind and body are equipped, overcoming adversity is just a challenging step that is bound to be conquered. Then you will be able to continue your journey and keep that momentum to complete your vision. With the purpose of the philosophy to shift the common perspective that is accustomed to our modernized lives which is driven by convenience and ease, while thinking that after accomplishing some sort of adversity we are entitled to this convenience and ease following the accomplishment. To shift this perspective, into knowing that adversity isn't the war you won but it is just one battle you are facing and there will be more and you will need to be ready for more of these battles before you can complete your journey, it isn't finished until you complete your vision.

Birth of Strength Mentality (SM) :  Majority of people are always reminding to work hard with the spotlight of all the benefits and how life becomes easier after certain milestones. The things that go in the shadows like the set backs, how to deal with them, the periods of doubt and the non-showcase worthy aspects during the grind. From breaking American Records in the United States Powerlifting Association, carrying momentum was very easy. The stronger I got, I gained even more momentum. Even a bump that slowed me down was easy to keep pushing to regain momentum. However the setbacks from an injury that caused a complete stop and halted progress. It brings you into a different world. This is a world where instead of energy spent on keeping momentum into energy spent into breaking inertia with those set backs dragging me at a slow pace, making the sense of progress feel diminished. The experience from being able to progress extremely quick to being halted and having the feeling like achieving what I once could was impossible it sparked the idea of Strength Mentality when I knew that there was a way back up. A way to obliterate these set backs to become even better than I was before, which I did when I wanted to break another record again despite having to recover from crippling injuries. This created an urgency to spread the message in all ways possible to show others whether in a state of feeling hopeless or even someone who is in full momentum to keep that momentum.

Tagline: Pain Creates Strength. Life is a struggle, don't take the negative connotation associated to it, use this definition to define it "strive to achieve or attain something in the face of difficulty or resistance." The pain comes from not being where you want to be. This causes the strive to achieve or attain. The pain amplifies that you are in the face of difficulty/resistance, the body then creates strength to overcome the adversity to leave this discomfort.

Mental and Physical Health: You cannot have one without the other, these two are intertwined. Unhealthy mental health can disrupt your physical health, and an unhealthy physical health can disrupt your mental health. Therefore, if you want to be healthier, you need to work on both physical and mental health.